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The Chinese yuan faced its biggest loss in a month when the central bank pushed back its reference rate of the currency and the dollar surged. The onshore exchange rate went down to 6.7764 per dollar, down 0.33 percent by 6:14 p.m. in local...

By John Shepherd on Nov 7th, 2016
Egyptian Currency

After weeks of turmoil, in a move to rebalance currency markets, the Egyptian central bank has allowed the Egyptian pound to float on Thursday devaluing by 32.3 percent to a primary guidance level of 13 pounds to the U.S. dollar. A scarcity...

By John Shepherd on Nov 3rd, 2016
Honda Dealership

Honda has faced currency headwinds as the Yen has increased. Honda, the third-biggest car manufacturer in Japan, earned $2.61 billion (266 billion JPY) in terms of operating profit for March to April exceeding the forecast of 183.81 JPY made...

By John Shepherd on Aug 2nd, 2016