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EU Building

Official figures released on Monday showed during October inflation within the eurozone economy grew to its highest point in over two years as oil prices bounced back from decade lows whilst growth remained flat. According to data released...

By Kate Ayers on Oct 31st, 2016

The U.K.’s economy is now expected to grow at a faster pace than was originally predicted prior to the referendum. According to independent forecasts compiled by the U.K. Treasury, economists are predicting the country will perform significantly...

By Laura Parrish on Oct 22nd, 2016
UK Inflation

Following an 18% crash in the value of the pound against the dollar after the UK’s vote the leave the EU, economists have been eagerly awaiting figures to identify an impact on consumer prices. The Office for National Statistics said the...

By Kate Ayers on Oct 18th, 2016
Nigerian Naira

Economists have said that they expect inflation in Nigeria to reach around 20 percent later this year. The Nigerian economy continues to deteriorate as July inflation data went up for the ninth consecutive month, pressuring the central bank...

By Kate Ayers on Aug 31st, 2016
UK Imports

UK imports became more expensive as the pound dropped in value against other currencies. The annual inflation rate for the U.K. increased in July by 0.6 percent measured by the Consumer Prices Index inflation rate compared to 0.5 percent in...

By Laura Parrish on Aug 16th, 2016