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Punch Taverns

U.K. pub company, Punch Taverns PLC, announced a rebound back into profit on Tuesday in their fiscal 2016 year-end report. In the 52 weeks to August 20, the company reported that its pretax profits were at 60 million pounds ($73.1 million)...

By Kate Ayers on Nov 8th, 2016
U.K. Shoppers

In a study done by KPMG and the British Retail Consortium, consumer spending in October was on the rise to back-up the UK’s economic growth, surprising analysts and economists as it surges on since voters chose to exit the European Union. House...

By Kate Ayers on Nov 7th, 2016

JCB, a manufacturer of diggers has closed one of the year’s largest deals with a contract worth 35 million pounds. According to the company based in Rochester, it was able to seal a deal on a job order of 1,200 units to be shipped to the...

By Kate Ayers on Nov 6th, 2016