Analysts await Shoe Carnival, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCVL) to report earnings on Mar, 27 for the fiscal quarter ending Jan 2018.

They expect $0.07 EPS, up 0% or $0 from last year’s $0.07 per share.

At the moment 5 analysts are watching Shoe Carnival, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCVL), 2 rate it “Buy”, 1 “Outperform”, 2 “Underperform”, 0 “Sell”, while 0 “Hold”.

Looking forward, for the quarter ending Apr-18, 2 analysts have a mean sales target of 258.58 million. For the quarter ending Jul-18, 2 analysts have a mean sales target of 245.11 million whilst for the year ending Jan-18, 5 analysts have a mean target of 1,021.26 million.

In terms of earnings per share, 2 analysts have a 0.73 EPS mean target for the quarter ending Apr-18, for the quarter ending Jul-18, 2 analysts have a 0.47 EPS mean target and for the quarter ending Jul-18 there are 5 estimates of 1.48 EPS.

The biggest institutional shareholders in Shoe Carnival, Inc. include Royce & Associates, LLC which owns 2 million shares in the company valued at $34.34 million. Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc. is the second biggest holder with 1 million shares currently valued at 38.90 million whilst Northern Trust Investments N A has 733 K million shares valued at 16.40 million.

Total shares held by institutions as of the most recent company filings are 11,287,892 with a reported 1,125,210 bought and 441,639 sold. These holdings make up 66.58% of the company’s outstanding shares.

Currently insiders hold 3,151,915 shares in the business which makes up 18.59% of shares. The biggest holder currently is J. Wayne Weaver who owns 1,666,615 shares (9.83% of those outstanding), whilst Mark L. Lemond holds 709,511 (4.19% of shares outstanding) and Clifton E. Sifford holds 255,960 (1.51% of shares outstanding).

The stock increased or $0 during the last trading session, hitting $.