Analysts await Pareteum Corporation (NASDAQ:TEUM) to report earnings on Mar, 27 for the fiscal quarter ending Dec 2017.

They expect $-0.08 EPS, up 4950% or $3.96 from last year’s $-4.04 per share.

The biggest institutional shareholders in Pareteum Corporation include Iroquois Capital Management, LLC which owns 3 million shares in the company valued at $3.05 million. Intracoastal Capital LLC is the second biggest holder with 3 million shares currently valued at 2.70 million whilst Perkins Capital Management Inc has 553 K million shares valued at 1.15 million.

Total shares held by institutions as of the most recent company filings are 5,666,328 with a reported 815,538 bought and 4,502 sold. These holdings make up 13.2% of the company’s outstanding shares.

Currently insiders hold 52,777,116 shares in the business which makes up 29.32% of shares. The biggest holder currently is Mr. Martin Zuurbier who owns 12,603,200 shares (29.36% of those outstanding), whilst Mr. Steven Van Der Velden holds 12,224,426 (28.48% of shares outstanding) and Willem Ackermans holds 10,509,200 (24.48% of shares outstanding).

The stock increased or $0 during the last trading session, hitting $.