Analysts await Red Hat, Inc. (NASDAQ:RHT) to report earnings on Sep, 25 for the fiscal quarter ending Aug 2017.

They expect $0.47 EPS, up 21.28% or $0.1 from last year’s $0.37 per share.

At the moment 30 analysts are watching Red Hat, Inc. (NASDAQ:RHT), 9 rate it “Buy”, 12 “Outperform”, 8 “Underperform”, 1 “Sell”, while 0 “Hold”.

Looking forward, for the quarter ending Nov-17, 26 analysts have a mean sales target of 710.92 million. For the quarter ending Feb-17, 24 analysts have a mean sales target of 618.77 million whilst for the year ending Feb-17, 27 analysts have a mean target of 2,401.70 million.

In terms of earnings per share, 29 analysts have a 0.70 EPS mean target for the quarter ending Nov-17, for the quarter ending Feb-17, 27 analysts have a 0.61 EPS mean target and for the quarter ending Feb-17 there are 28 estimates of 2.27 EPS.

The biggest institutional shareholders in Red Hat, Inc. include T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. which owns 27 million shares in the company valued at $2.30 B million. Vanguard Group Inc is the second biggest holder with 17 million shares currently valued at 1.48 B million whilst Jennison Associates LLC has 10 million shares valued at 876.70 million.

Total shares held by institutions as of the most recent company filings are 94,384,193 with a reported 2,865,056 bought and 3,788,987 sold. These holdings make up 53.14% of the company’s outstanding shares.

Currently insiders hold 1,650,730 shares in the business which makes up 0.93% of shares. The biggest holder currently is Mr. James M. Whitehurst who owns 404,979 shares (0.23% of those outstanding), whilst Mr. Matthew J. Szulik holds 233,614 (0.13% of shares outstanding) and Mr. Paul J. Cormier holds 173,514 (0.10% of shares outstanding).

The stock decreased 0.51% or $0.54 during the last trading session, hitting $107.48.