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UK Market News

UK Market News

U.K. Shoppers
U.K. Retail & Housing Up In October According To Study

In a study done by KPMG and the British Retail Consortium, consumer spending in October was on the rise to back-up the UK’s economic growth, surprising analysts and economists as it surges...

U.K. Manufacturing
Manufacturing Sector Slows Investment Fanning Brexit Fears

Investment plans of manufacturing firms are being put on hold due to the volatility caused by Brexit with loans for the purchase of new equipment...

Chinese Currency Reserves Fall To Lowest Since January

The Chinese yuan faced its biggest loss in a month when the central bank pushed back its reference rate of the currency and the dollar surged. The...

U.S. Imports
U.S. Trade Deficit Drops 9.9 Percent To Year And A Half Low

The U.S. trade deficit dropped to a one and a half year low in September as exports rose however slumping imports identified slowing domestic...

Windstream Holdings, Inc. and EarthLink Holdings Corp. Agree To $1.1 Billion Merger

Windstream Holdings, Inc. and EarthLink Holdings Corp. have agreed $673 million all-stock merger,...

Saudi Aramco
Saudi Aramco Halts Petroleum Product Exports To Egypt

State oil firm Saudi Aramco on Monday informed Egyptian authorities that it would be stopping...

Berkshire Hathaway
Berkshire Hathaway Q3 Profit Drops As Cash Rises To Record Levels

On Friday, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. said that its third quarter profit was down by 24 percent...